STRATIUS was founded in August 2006 to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and customized consulting services and management support solutions.

STRATIUS consultants are former managers and executives from leading professional services firms, and seasoned practitioners within industry and private practices. With hundreds of successful projects behind us, we help you:

  • Formulate strategies that drive organizational performance and profitability;

  • Manage projects with information, insight, and skills critical to effective strategy execution;

  • Make change work for people through effective stakeholder engagement and communication;

  • Enhance workforce performance by improving organization design, performance alignment, and workplace competencies;

  • Re-engineer business processes to improve cost, quality, service and speed;

  • Assist executives and managers in planning and leading change, and building their teams’ capacity for sustained high performance.
  • We believe in participatory change, not consultant-driven answers.
    We work closely with and support clients in determining where they want to go, how to get there, and what needs to happen to achieve sustainable results.

  • We apply best practices, not worship them.
    We drive for realistic solutions that are implementable based on our clients’ particular needs and situations, not theoretical possibilities.

  • We define “solutions” as answers to problems, not products looking for buyers.
    We believe unique problems call for unique answers, and holistic solutions deliver the best results.

  • We implement what we recommend.
    Anyone can recommend change. STRATIUS consultants are experienced implementers who want to go the distance to help our clients achieve results.
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